Friday, February 21, 2014

Hello, Sweetie.

Hulla Ho!

My name is Emmerson Saunders. 
Yes, very.

I like Doctor Who, Sherlock, Homestuck, any sort of anime or manga series (I've probably seen or read it by now), Supernatural, and Studio Ghibli films.

I have so many hobbies it's not even funny anymore.
I draw, paint, play the french horn, act, read prose, make gum wrapper chains, take pictures, make soap, sew, dance, make Youtube videos, write in shorthand (Gregg), cook, make jewelry (for my sister), cosplay, learn Italian,

And now I'm going to keep a blog. *Confetti Everywhere*

This is mostly going to be a writing blog.
Because I write. All. The. Time.
Plays, short stories, documentaries, rants, speeches, have you what you will, I've probably written something like it. Even though I suck.

Stick around if you like. Pay attention, I'm very interesting.